Firstly, thank you to everyone who is supporting us (and every other small business) in these unprecedented times. We would like to highlight what we're doing differently to help keep everyone safe yet be able to keep delivering beautiful flower arrangements to loved ones.  

NO DELIVERY - CANBERRA HOSPITAL: ​Canberra Hospital has advised as of 25 March 2020 they will no longer be accepting flower deliveries. Therefore, we will not be accepting deliveries to the Canberra Hospital. At this stage, we're still able to deliver to other hospitals located in Canberra. Just note, all deliveries will be delivered at the main reception. 

CONTACTLESS DELIVERY: ​Deliveries to residential homes and units (where we can access the front door) will now be contactless. Flowers will be placed at the door with couriers stepping back maintaining the social distancing measures. Flowers will be left at the front door if no one is home (standard policy). 

Deliveries to businesses/schools/medical practices will be left at the main reception where possible. For business that do not allow for deliveries to be left at reception, these will be deemed as non-delivery and will incur an additional delivery fee (alternatively, flowers can be picked up from our studio if required). Social distancing measures to apply, couriers to place deliveries in a spot for recipients to retrieve.

Similarly, deliveries to secured units/apartments will not be able to be left if no one is home. If a recipient is home, the courier will place deliveries in a place for recipients to pick up while the courier maintains a safe distance.  

With more people working from home, we encourage customers check locations of recipients to ensure a delivery on the first attempt. 

PICKING UP ORDERS:  ​For the safety of our team, we'll be temporarily removing pick-ups until further advised. 

We appreciate your understanding in these matters. 

​(last updated 6 April 2020)