About Us

Hello there!

Its Julie and Jo here, welcome and thanks for checking us out.

For those who already know us, when we first established ourselves in 2017, we were new mums with a passion for flowers. You would have seen the famous Claude Monet’s quote ‘I must have flowers, always and always' plastered over our shopfront and uniform. We’re the same people with the same passion, older yet wiser, and forever mum’s to our gorgeous children.

Our journey first started in our beautiful little shop on the Kingston Foreshore. Our sanctuary! However for our business to remain strong, we reassessed ourselves, not only our shop but looked into how this would work for us personally, our children were our priority… and honestly the nine to five grind was not our style.

And so, we’ve taken up a studio workshop in Fyshwick for bigger and better things! Ok … there is no beautiful little shop you can walk into BUT we will continue to deliver our beautifully arranged flowers with the same great service that you are used to.

We’ve also joined the gorgeous DOS Emporium family where you’ll be able to pick up one our beautiful arrangements. And if you really wanted to, of course, come to our studio, we’re very welcoming. It just needs to be by appointment only ;)

To our existing customers, thank you for supporting us.

For those who don’t know us, hi, we’re two mums who started a small business together. As they say, support small, support local. We’d like to say we’re worth it but check out our recognition page or call us to have a chat if you have any questions.

Take care,

Julie and Jo